The UTS Library Artist Residency exists thanks to the work of UTS Librarian Mal Booth and the Director of the Library Resource Unit, Belinda Tiffen. The residency is overseen by Jemima McDonald, Information Services Manager and Design Librarian.

Kate Sweetapple has offered typically generous amounts of support and is kindly acting as artistic mentor for this residency. UTS design researchers Aaron Seymour, Zoë Sadokierski, Sally McLaughlin and Jacqueline Gothe have also been generous mentors and teachers. Monica Monin let me sit in on her excellent Processing research workshop, Peter Cossey taught me how to hack things and Bo Daley has shared his impressive knowledge of programming with me. Bert Bongers and Jos Mulder at the Interactivation Studio have helped greatly in the development of interactive works, writing software and soldering electronics for interactive artworks. Rajan Davio, the information technology services manager at the library has generously offered his technical knowledge.Tamryn Bennett and Astrid Lorange have introduced me to interesting ideas about words and art and the art of words. Tania Creighton, Alice McAuliffe, Janet Ollevou and Holly Williams from UTS Gallery have been greatly supportive and kindly shared their time, materials and expertise. Tracy Anderson’s support and feedback have been delightful and invaluable.

Tom Gerhardt, Guy Laramée, Mark Mawson, Chris O’Shea and Matt Richardson have kindly allowed me to reproduce photographs of their work on this blog.


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