Matt Richardson

Posted May 2012

Descriptive Camera

Descriptive Camera outputs a description of the photo it takes rather than the image itself. The image is uploaded to the crowd-sourcing service Mechanical Turk where a human views the image and writes a description. This description is then downloaded to the camera and printed as the developed ‘photo’.

Images copyright Matt Richardson, courtesy of the designer.

'Descriptive Camera' by Matt Richardson

It’s interesting that these ‘photographs’ are thus subjective interpretations of a scene unique to each anonymous author. If you ‘developed’ these multiple times the results may not even seem to describe the same scene.

Examples of photographs taken by the Descriptive Camera by Matt Richardson

Fade Away

Fade Away searches twitter for recent posts containing the phrase ‘fade away’ and uses an ultra violet laser diode to write the results on phosphorescent vinyl (a ‘glow-in-the-dark’ material).


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