For Heaven’s Sake

For Heaven’s Sake is an ongoing research project exploring the world of contemporary paper craft in Hong Kong, where colourful replicas of everyday objects are burned as offerings to loved ones in the afterlife.

Every conceivable creature comfort can be procured in crafted paper from the street market stalls and old neighbourhoods of Hong Kong: slippers, teapots, walking sticks, rice cookers, umbrellas, irons, reading glasses, washers and dryers, dumplings, desserts, massage chairs, smart phones, designer handbags, watches, suits, automatic mahjong tables, passports, credit cards, luxury cars, yachts — even airliners.

Individually, each offering is a touching manifestation of devotion and love that transcends worlds. Collectively, these charming objects are a microcosm of consumer culture that depicts, in hand crafted detail, Hong Kong’s consumer fancies, enduring values and changing identity.