Hong Kong Erasure

Photographs of ‘accidental artworks’ that captured the upheaval that has shaken Hong Kong.

For Heaven’s Sake

A photographic project documenting Hong Kong’s paper offerings for the afterlife.

Hong Kong Global Design Studio

Hong Kong street scene

A practical research lab for design students to explore everyday design and material culture in Hong Kong.

Poetic Design

Matches: designed by Tony Lee, Ariel Mather, Simon Moore, Christopher Randell and Thomas Ricciardiello

A course for design students to re-imagine everyday objects in ways that poetically reconnect us with our everyday experiences.

Trace Recordings

A view of the exhibition Trace Recordings

An exhibition of works by eleven international artists exposing the disturbing consequences of surveillance in a networked age.

Shelf Life

A view of the Shelf Life exhibition

Featured works from a residency at UTS Library that re-imagine library interfaces to encourage serendipity and discovery.